Frustration and rage
Enveloping me
Salt in a wound and burning trees
She'll breed you'll die
Bugs hatch inside your eyes
War zone surgeries
Drowning inside your arteries
Meat caked in dust and filth
Traveling the maze of time
Doomed for cosmic sins
Hidden in your deepest memories
Feed me your pussy i want to smell you in my beard, retracing the same steps of my ancestors while your pheromones keep me fucked up for the next several lifetimes
Ripping pages from the book of love to start a fire in a library
Pray for the writhing souls trapped inside the burn ward you don't know what pain is
A warning to keep God close to your heart, you dont want to run far when you need him
Resolve the collective hallucinations we've run out of bit coins but we're willing to trade titties for firewood
Portals and loading screens
Kill a cat for an arch fiend and argue with your obese colleagues sit indian style beads of sweat well up in your eyelids zero level cantrips dick sucking krampus bloody mary candyman milk lemonade fudge and creme bloody underwear shit stained shark week the strongest weed give me a break im up shits creek and ive had a long week id like some spicy chicken wings and macaroni habanero cheese and feed me more pussy please my stupid dna still has a craving a world inherited by the meek cowardice is a trait that keeps itself alive while the brave idiotically die but thanks anyway i keep my stolen valor in a meat locker right next to my good intentions i came to start shit because i like to cut tension i heard theres a rocker pension so im putting out but i wont pay attention
Would you please sign my book of revelation? I found a first edition at the seraphim convention i have nightmares about killing someone i can no longer ignore, make sure you smear lambs blood on your door this angel was made for murdering scores of innocent children your ugly mother is the linch pin, keep your legs closed and it will be all over but life is strong so we lie and say we like it. Every moment i live feels like im being raped and im not even a slave im just in pain people pay good money to get beaten with canes life is strange thinking too hard causes eye strain i made great friends with my migraine my job is to drive tour buses over endangered cranes no more mr nice guy you're no less longer welcome to stay at my house
Suicide Pact
Crucible voyage to Mars, Suicycle built for two.


from F​.​Y​.​M​.​S., released April 20, 2017


all rights reserved



White Mystery Chicago, Illinois

White Mystery is the ferocious rock’n’roll sibling duo of Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White from Chicago.

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