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Falling in love on the tip of a rocket Put that in your dream and smoke it I can be nice and naughty, I can be proud of my body. You are my best friend! Falling in love on the tip of a rocket Falling in love, and I ain’t gonna stop it. I can be nice and naughty, I can be proud of my body. You are my best friend! It’s a whole lot of pushing and shoving! I’d do anything for your loving! I just want to make a statement! That our hearts are made for breaking.
House on the rock Sit on my dock It's a quiet place Like in outer space I'm so alone Inside our home Every thing is wrong Alien vision bomb Take me away From the grey tower To the diamond shower Where can I take her? Close to our maker Everything is wrong Alien Vision Bomb.
Out of Control The journey The vibe Out of control Final destination. Black rocket fuel. Shiny Silver Wrapper Found it underground Divine inspiration Turn that clown upside down! Happy little babies on the battlefield dancing in dreamland fight to save the world.
Here comes the ghost The ghost with the most Transcending stairs Well he's unaware He's bending time It’s neverending I miss you so He’s just floating. Well he's barely touching the dining room floor Rarely touching his fingers to the door Here comes the ghost, Here comes the ghost Unhinged We don't want (mind control) We want to satisfy our souls
PARENTAL ADVISORY WARNING! NSFW! I’m a sick, sick **ck I want to keep my eyes shut I got a ten luck Clean a ten point buck Cheese in the crust, cheese cheese in the crust Gonna make me bust Squeeze out the pus I’m a sick sick **ck I'm busy stashing nuts Throw them under the bus God bless me Jesus Get on your knees I’m on my knees Milky honey bees I’m easy to please Wipe it away with the right rag Keep it in your @$$ Shove it in your @$$ Gonna wrap you around my finger!
I dunno how I'm gonna tell him That I've got no cerebellum He's coming after me But you know, I'm no sissy. In the the morning light, you know I’m gonna be there. In the morning, in the starry sky, you know, I'm gonna be there. Oh ba ba oh da bou bou I’m gonna be there! My medulla oblongata If you want some, I got a lotta! Step inside my humble abode, Where you'll find my frontal lobe. Gotta finger in my cortex He's waiting at my doorstep Why does he want my gray matter? That’s the sound of children’s laughter. In the the morning light, you know I’m gonna be there. In the morning, in the starry sky, you know, I'm gonna be there.
PACCI 05:43
Quit Playing Magic With My Heart Balle balle, aqui aqui. I'm beside myself and feeling gay Oh I’m sorry bae, I cherish you everyday But now I go away, I'm going away, ayeay. I got nothing to say, but i took your love anyway Oh it's such a shame, and you my name. My name is Pacci! I took you home to my mami, ohhhhh oh oh you still love me? I still must go back To where I came from baby. You tried to keep my heart for yourself, but Pacci must look after himself. His name is Pacci, He has a heart of patches, Like the sunset over the Basque country. Like eggshells he must walk with his trusted steed. Like the civil war that tore apart brothers and fathers. The haunted mountain prison and the back of the wind.
You're gonna wanna see this through the pain and sickness I have the thickest equipment, you know I'll make the shipment, just in time for Christmas. You won't want to miss this. Get back in line and go about your business. It's the meanest shiznit this side of limp bizkit take a step back before you get lipstick on your dick lips good bye and good riddance get out my town or else I'll send you back to the sticks while your body bag zips. I smite evil with D sixes and spike frauds in the tournaments say one more word and I’ll torture you with my instruments. The knee of justice shatters your ignorance. We mobilize with real eyes, the forces of evil may spin their lies but we'll mesmerize and materialize the cavalry with our righteous war cries. Feel the vibes and you may just realize how pathetic you seem to the just and the wise. Few we may be, but the lions share of glory marks our legacy. With my sword sister next to me there is nothing out of reach and I’ll fight in the streets with scars on my feet until the battle is won and the enemy beat. The legend will live and the malice will subside and maybe one day after we all die someone will be smart enough to learn the reason why. Spirit of the generation Bring the message to our nation When your bootstraps become your table scraps Freedom can still be found on a map If you don't know what you want let alone how to get it You can still find enlightenment Hidden inside a real work ethic Making you proud is my fetish Find yourself on heaven’s guest list My destiny is supersonic I pray to not become demonic A twist of fate can derail a crusade If the crucible can be swayed Invisible hands demand their payment Blood for the blood God inside the pavement Anxiety makes you manipulate Depression is real, but you are fake The chemicals in our bodies are made from dead suns and ghost of aliens. we are slaves to the lords of the galaxy that look just like you and me if we want to be free its going to be excruciating to fight for all eternity don't turn your back on me I promise it will be haunting. Martyrs split in half buried to their necks may still have an effect if the awoken don't expect it to be handed to them. You probably have rocks in your hands already, hardwired to a system you think you can see despite your eyelids masking the true reality. The pain will rouse you from sleep, the dreams deep inside can still blind the unwise while the truth creeps out your ears and wears a disguise. I can be your fortune cookie, there's a magic 8 ball that's goes for same price as a gram of cocaine that's guaranteed to have the same effect on your brain. Pyramids floating in solution are a good enough conclusion when intelligent design meets evolution for an awkward cup of coffee at place neither wants to be seen. Behind every soldier is a queen that resents the work that attracted her in the first damn place. I hope we all die in outer space, cold alone and afraid. The oxygen leaves your body in a violent parade, the bug lord is about to get laid and he's ready to impregnate you with a child who has mighty pincers and eight legs. You better believe, We're coming for you Climb the trees We're going to kill you Looking at rays of light through a lens of blood and flesh be my guest.
Clowning around the town tonight Alex White, she's all right She likes to fly kites at night She's pretty good in a fight Very bright and keeps it tight Well if you wont She just might Killing with kindness And Tommy “Two Times” White Mystery is here, and so are you. Sing sing sing until our face turns blue. Sing sing sing and a doodly do, Having a good time and so are you! Plug your ear and a doobie do Let's have a party scooby do! Dancy dancy howdy do Fancy panties whoopty do! Kirby’s here and Yoshi too Jiggly Puff and Falcon too Thats a lot of fat to chew. Bundle up or you'll catch a flu Cow goes moo, what do ya do? 1 and 2, now tie my shoe. I’ll put you on hold and patch you through If you don't like it you can screw.
Ugh yeah Heart of darkness Eyes light and and bright Cemetery mournings you left me there It's a struggle. You left me there, You said you’d be back. Waiting in the cemetery, I found myself. Eyes light and and bright! Heart of darkness! Lucifer the morningstar! It's a struggle wahhhhhhhh yeahhh grrrrrrrrr


White Mystery was born on April 20, 2008, when Miss Alex White & and her beloved brother Francis Scott Key White spotted a shiny Airheads candy wrapper on the ground. That silvery strip of reflective paper sparked an onslaught of rock genius fortified with Chicago DIY determination.

The rest is White Mystery history; like clockwork, they have released new music every year on that same date-- Self/Titled (2010), Blood & Venom (2011), People Power (2012), Telepathic (2013), Dubble Dragon (double album 2014), That Was Awesome (feature film 2015) and coming this April 20, the album they were born to produce: OUTTA CONTROL.

It’s smooth and sweet like taffy candy, buoyed by that signature rolling beat, and inscrutably infectious. Only the wildly redheaded rockers themselves know exactly what alchemy went into creating this delectable confection, but the result is the duo’s first polished-pop masterpiece. It’s an absolute knockout.
---Don DeGrazia, Author of "American Skin"


released April 20, 2016

Produced, Written & Performed by Miss Alex White & Francis Scott Key White
Recorded & Mixed by Brad Althaus at Gunhed Studios. Mastered by Matt Engstrom
Art by Mac Blackout. Diane Alexander White Photography. Made in Chicago, IL USA
Published by Alex and Francis White Music ASCAP. All Rights Reserved © 2016


all rights reserved



White Mystery Chicago, Illinois

White Mystery is the ferocious rock’n’roll sibling duo of Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White from Chicago. www.whitemysteryband.com

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