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I feather my letters with blood on parchment more redundant than the la brea tar pit hiding like a snake in the play place ball pit throw in the towel because the ref is going to call it get a bucket of water because the roof is about to fall in boy I'm going to boil you red like a crawfish I make bread you smell like raw shit bullet in the head execution mob hit Gangnam Style don't even have to force it when I take your car you know I'm going to floor it back to my warehouse you just got ignore it please don't cry it's how I do business i'm so happy I'm gay like fish sticks I can get your girl wet like a bandit I got to keep her high because she demands it cops see me and say goddamnit I'm the fiercest clown gangster on the planet make the engine per in the air than land it I don't need your style I'm just here to cramp it i'm going to hell I don't need a hand basket i'll set you on fire like a bundle of faggots I got a talking car like Roger rabbit I signed your will sealed and stamped it tunes killed my brother so I put him in the casket I live a life of pain and I stopped trying to mask it

Exalted chromer im flawless, lawless, im a ceo and got snacks in my office gotta sit down hong hits in my apartmet i get down on my knees and do anything for a godess in the pouring rain i hunt brains and steal wallets. Im a spider in the nest bitch next to my best bitch you're paralyzed as you watch me take your shit so i can pay for my family's kiss brand coffins. Nine inch nails lemme see if this cross fits you know i hit feat if theres a chance to make a profit my lips say yeet im known as the prophet meth slinging vikings biking with rockets our coke is so bad its gonna make you vomit, you never see me when i hit you with the comet. Model train robber like in wallace and grommet Bullet proof vest while I munch on some chocolate don't try it till you knock it I am mighty Max and your Polly pocket I got a picture of your mother in my heart shaped locket i'll make my last stand just like Davy Crockett I got a place for your body and Davy Jones locker I'm a gift to the world born the same day as my father and the son of God so I walk on water beating heads with sticks because I'm a real rocker only like girls who are real street walkers better get a lawyer because im your new stalkerI put a gag in your mouth cuz you're a shit talker if you're from the south im in love with your daughter.
dated a real fly girl like that rabbit named Roger hit the road jack because I'm down for a Jack move move out the way Jack because I found my needle groove
Close the door behind you don't step in the dog shit on my crew gets together we rumble like a mosh pit eyes in the sky and a killer in the cockpit i'm an evil genius with my murderous moppets
You see a wall of flame right before you life ends bands to make her dance in a band with my accomplice. Real street justice wipe that grin of your face and your mouth imma wash it I got a gun for my arm like my girl Sammis I got clause in my suit like a businessmantis you can call me Pachi but my name is Francis


from HELLION BLENDER, released April 20, 2018


all rights reserved



White Mystery Chicago, Illinois

White Mystery is the ferocious rock’n’roll sibling duo of Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White from Chicago. www.whitemysteryband.com

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